Difference Between Spotify and Apple Music

Difference Between Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music dominate the global music streaming market in terms of number of subscribers. The former has more than 30 percent market share while the latter has about 15 percent. Furthermore, considering their catalog of content, both boast of having the largest libraries of music while offering other digital content. The two have also made significant investments in improving their user interface and providing a better overall user experience. This article highlights the difference between Spotify and Apple Music.

Spotify vs Apple Music: A Comprehensive Comparison and Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Music Streaming Service

1. Pricing

One of the notable differences between Spotify and Apple Music is that the latter offers a free tier that is supported by advertisements. This is ideal for individuals who want to check out the service first or have no spare cash to subscribe to a music streaming service. The music streaming service from Apple requires a paid subscription.

However, when it comes to options or subscription plans, Apple Music is considered cheaper overall in most regions. It is important to note that both services cost about the same in different equivalent tiers or subscription plans but Apple also offers a single bundled pricing for all of its streaming services that include Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

2. Platform

It is important to note that both services are available on all main platforms and operating systems. These include Windows and macOS desktop operating systems, and iOS or iPadOS and Android mobile operating systems. Both are also available in PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S video gaming consoles.

The two are also available on web browsers. Spotify has native apps for Linux distributions, and wearable operating systems such as the watchOS of Apple Watch and Wear OS of Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch. Apple Music has native support for other Apple platforms and devices such as the Apple TV microconsole and the Apple HomePod smart speakers.

3. Sound Quality

Apple Music dominates when it comes to sound quality. It offers high-quality and lossless audio at no extra cost to its subscribers through Dolby Atmos, its ALAC codec, and its Spatial Audio technology. The quality difference, especially when compared to other music streaming services, is noticeable in high-end speakers and wired headphones.

Spotify announced in February 2021 that it is working on its CD-quality lossless audio streaming tech called Spotify HiFi. This is still not available to subscribers. However, once available, this feature will incur additional costs because it will be exclusive to a new subscription plan or included in higher-priced subscription plans.

4. Library

Another difference between Spotify and Apple Music is the size of their respective libraries or catalogs. This is a tricky comparison because both have over 100 million songs. However, in some instances, the former tends to house more indie artists. Some artists also prefer releasing their songs as exclusive tracks on a particular service.

It is also worth mentioning that both services allow users to download music for offline listening. However, when compared, pad subscribers of Spotify can download a maximum of 10000 songs on each of up to 5 different devices. Paid subscribers of Apple Music can download a maximum of 100000 songs on each of up to 10 different devices.

5. Features

The inclusion of audiobooks, podcasts, music videos, documentaries, and exclusive shows is another advantage of Spotify. Apple Music also has its libraries of music videos, podcasts, exclusive shows, and high-quality classical music but it falls short when compared to the number and range of choices of podcasts and it does not have audiobooks.

Spotify also has better music discovery features, such as personalized playlists, radio stations, and daily mixes. It also has better social networking features that allow subscribers to connect with one another. Apple Music differentiates itself through its sing-along feature called Apple Music Sing which enables users to control the volume of vocals.

Takeaway and Conclusion: Understanding and Highlighting the Difference Between Spotify and Apple Music

One of the biggest selling points of Spotify is that it has an ad-based free version and subscription-based versions. It is also available on more platforms and operating systems. The service streams music alongside podcasts and audiobooks. It also has better social networking features. However, when it comes to streaming quality as determined by sound quality, Apple Music is the better option. It also has exclusive features, streams music videos, and provides other content such as broadcast radio and shows.

The difference between Spotify and Apple Music boils down to value for bucks, overall user experience, and listening experience. Each has its respective advantages and disadvantages, but both are comparable in terms of their music libraries. Choosing the two is also a matter of preference. Individuals who are into podcasts and audiobooks might consider Spotify a more rational option, while those who are deep into the Apple product ecosystem might find Apple Music as a better and more sensible option.