Profile: Erin Saltman

Profile: Erin Saltman

Dr. Erin Marie Saltman is an expert on the processes of radicalization with a specific focus on topics covering far-right and Islamist extremism radicalization processes within a range of regional and sociopolitical contexts. She currently works as the Counterterrorism Policy Manager of Facebook.

Educational Background and Research Interest

Saltman earner her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Columbia University. She pursued and completed an International Masters in Economy, State, and Society with a dual degree from University College of London and Corvinus University as an Erasmus Mundus Scholar. Furthermore, she completed a PhD in Political Science from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College of London.

Her PhD dissertation centered on the contemporary processes of post-communist political socialization and radicalization. Beyond her academic accomplishments, Saltman completed numerous studies with the London-based left-of-center think-tank Quilliam Foundation and another London-based think-tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Some of her works include “Jihad Trending: A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and How to Counter it” that she co-authored with Ghaffar Hussain, “Till Martyrdom do us Part: Gender and the ISIS Phenomenon” coauthored with Melanie Smith, and “Youth Responses to Resolution 2250 and the UN Plan to Prevent Violent Extremism” coauthored with Jas Kirt.

Work at Facebook and Other Organizations

Saltman held senior research positions at Quilliam Foundation and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. She currently works as the Counterterrorism Policy Manager of Facebook. Her responsibilities center on addressing terrorism online by overseeing counterterrorism and counter violent extremism efforts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Take note that Facebook employs more than a hundred people to address online extremism and other related situations. These people keep extremist contents off Facebook, review and remove contents related to extremism, and alter relevant authorities when there is evidence of imminent harm.

As part of her duties at Facebook, Saltman helped established the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism together with her counterparts from Google, Microsoft, and Twitter, as well as smaller startups and other tech companies. The goal of the forum is to provide a cross-platform knowledge sharing, technology solutions, and research.

Saltman remains a research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. In addition, she regularly participates in international conferences and events to present research and insights to different stakeholders and continues to publish research in her field. Photo Credit: Erin Saltman